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Glamour is Back
 Ladies, have you ever considered creating intimate portraits? After all, you’ll never be as beautiful as you are today!

  We offer clients the opportunity to have intimate portraits created in the comfort of a familiar studio or in your Home. Sexy is a state of mind, slip out of your clothes and into your attitude. You’ll be glad you did.
Consider an amazing gift to your Special Someone or for Yourself.

Walter E. Bilinski, Glamour Photographer can create that experience for you.. Call  815 236 6732 for a  free Personal Consultation
or  email

We proudly use Albums made by World renowned  GraphiStudio  of  Italy.
Glamour is Back - Putting on Your Sexy
Oh my goodness! WOW thank you so much.
Martin and I just watched the video....... your so talented putting all that together and i just LOVE the way i look in the pics...... im so vain right now!!!
Had a blast with the photo shoot and with the way you captured our wedding day too!
How can i order pics of the Intimate shoot? they are just so gorgeous!!!!
I wish i was younger to have a shot at the glamour market....... you made me feel like a million bucks!!!!
hugs louise and martin
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